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was Korea a loss

was Korea a loss

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On paper and in history, the Korean War was viewed as neither a victory or a defeat. A cease fire and peace treaty was composed between them instead. The battles went on for 3 long years. On July 27, 1953 the two sides signed an armistice and a new border was set on a few miles from the original 1950 border. In my view the Korean conflict/war was a success in a way other than the original goals set by the United States. The Korean War did not end in a complete victory for the United States, why not check here or anybody else. Rather, both sides settled for an uneasy peace that still exists to this day at the time of the writing of this article 12-24-15.Did the United States experience their first defeat? The answer to that question may be more in the minds of individuals who study what really happened and what is happening now. The way I see it, the end result has been a victory when you compare what’s happening today in South Korea to what was occurring before the attack, before one of the bloodiest wars our world ever saw, and compared to North Korea today.Why did the United States enter this war? Many people felt and might even still feel now that the United States didn’t belong there. I’ve heard this myself even in this year of 2015. Folks grumble saying,”we didn’t belong in Korea.” My father was one that fought in Korea from 1950 to 1953. He was just a young boy age 16 entering the military at Fort Knox, Kentucky Army base for a military career. He got sent directly into a violent and horrific bloody battle during a few of the roughest weather anyone could ever imagine. He spent much of his time there in battles in tanks. Short recreation breaks were spent in Japan.One of his best memories of course was that he was injured trying to save another fellow soldier and did rescue him. This was a technique done by his fellow soldiers by transferring the tank over his injured body to hide him from the enemy as he was then pulled into the tank to await the M.A.S.H. units.He was taken to a hospital in Japan where they put a steel plate in his chest that he had no idea even existed until he found out he had lung cancer later in life at age 56. The specialists said”we want to know more about this steel plate we found on x-ray on your chest.” Dad did not even know he had a steel plate. It had to have been put there while at the Korean War at the hospital in Japan. He also received a chest wound. Just think of that, and I do very often now, only 16 years old placing now under an Army tank, not knowing if he would survive or not.I still strongly disagree. He watched every war movie he could find and never missed an episode of “The Big Picture.”I was born in 1956 and that I recall much of his early life after that war. He would wake up in the middle of the night”reciting orders” over and over again, occasionally screaming and crying. He suffered from the memories of the war, but never once said he was sorry he went. He said the worst part of it all to him was to see that the suffering little children. Lots of the deaths of the war were innocent civilians.Why was the United States in Korea 1950 to 1953?America reacted to South Korea’s defense after North Korea invaded. The original goals were to revive the global border along the 38th Parallel and to eject North Korean forces from South Korea lands. Everyone actually thought the conflict was over before the Chinese entered into the picture.United States leaders also wanted to show North Korea that this kind of aggression wouldn’t be tolerated. To this day, year of 2015, North Korea still reveals hostility toward South Korea. There has been no more conflict equal to what was from the 1950’s. That is why among other reasons, I believe the decision to go into the conflict ended in more of a victory than a defeat. It appears clear to me that all who entered that conflict in opposition of communism did put a lid on the horrible aggression toward innocent people.Additional reasons I see this as being a victory for the United States:When you compare the economy of North Korea to the market of South Korea now we find the war allowed for a rebirth of South Korea. Since the end of the 1950’s conflict/war and cessation of extreme hostilities South Korea has grown into a vibrant and strong republic.People around the world now benefit from South Korea’s economic success. The capital of South Korea, Seoul, has become an international center of commerce and industry. Today, South Koreans enjoy one of the greatest standards of living in the world.None of the above would have occurred had the communists been successful in their invasion of the South.By comparison, North Korea is one of the greatest examples of communism’s collapse. North Koreans suffer far more from starvation and malnutrition.Meanwhile, the South Koreans are thriving. Everyday, I see more and more Kia automobiles on the roads. I have considered buying a Kia Soul automobile now for years and probably will finally buy one if I need another car. My older chevy still runs! But when I have need of a new car, I am always looking toward the Kia as buying one. At first, I had no idea, Kia was actually based out South Korea.Without the United States and these other nations who joined in to fight against the communist aggression in the 1950’s, not one of the things for South Korea are in existence now. We today would not be enjoying the economic growth in South Korea. It’s a good thing also the President stopped the atomic bombing efforts also, as it might have taken over 100 years for any type of civilization to be in that area again.As recorded in our history, there were mistakes made as there are in any type of war, many innocent people were murdered, but the positive outcomes of the war still tells me it was definitely a success, not a defeat, for the United States in terms of”long term events.”

Avoiding Stress Before Cheerleading Competitions

Avoiding Stress Before Cheerleading Competitions

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Cheerleading competitions are awesome and very stressful on everyone involved, while he has a good point, Here are a few ideas about how to keep your stress level down if you are a competitor, coach, or parent.

First, be prepared. The best way to fight the stress of competition is to have a routine that everyone on the floor has mastered and feels positive finishing. From stunts to tumbling passes, make certain that everyone’s timing is dead on perfect several run-throughs before you load the vans to head out to the contest. This means making certain practices depend, and everyone is present for every practice. No excuses. Even participants who may not feel the best can come in and watch and place so they are aware of any last minute alterations.

Second, make sure your squad is prepared with what they require. Make sure that they are loaded in the transportation the night before you have to leave.

Third, make sure competitors have everything they need for the uniforms they are wearing. Buy the jumbo-size slider bags (2.5 gallons). Neatly pack each complete uniform in a slider bag. Label the bags with each participants name with a permanent marker. If available, pack additional uniform pieces in various sizes as well. Keep all the uniforms together! Don’t give them to the participants until it’s time to get prepared!

Fourth, pack the make-up kits. Make sure that you’ve chosen a make-up colour scheme and eye pattern before you get to the competition. Don’t experiment when you’re at the venue! If your group uses hair pieces, include them at the rehearsal and package them up with the make-up kits. If not, ensure to plan accordingly for hair rollers or curling irons to the style that your squad is using and pack plenty of hairspray. Run the routine a few times through for parents and students. Some squads charge admittance as a fundraiser and invite the school and community. They may offer a spaghetti dinner or hot dog supper together with the entertainment. After the run-through, it is the perfect time to package the uniforms. Everyone is together, and it makes it so much easier.

Maintain two accordion folders with copies of the registration info. Give you to an assistant coach or trusted parent. Make certain that schedules, payment verification, and any other pertinent information to the contest are stored in the accordion folder.

It’s necessary to keep the parents sense as little stress as possible also. Their kids are performing in front of a lot of people. They have probably put plenty of money and time into cheerleading at this time. They want a good return and a happy kid when it’s all said and done. Make sure they have directions to the venue, a schedule for the events with their group (s) times and stages highlighted if possible, a set meeting place for before the competition and after the competition, a schedule of the awards ceremony, and a list of possible places to stay and eat if it’s an overnight competition. Many parents like to”reserve” together in regards to travel arrangements. Make sure they understand where the squad will be staying well in advance so that this is an option for them. Be sure that you keep the parents in the loop at all times about possible changes to programs or venues. You can set up a phone tree, but don’t count on that always functioning. Use email, text alerts, and Facebook notifications to alert parents to what’s happening with the event.

Preparation Checklist:

1. Routine has been successful at practice several times with no mistakes.
2. Each coach has a least two copies of their contest music.
3. All props are accounted for and packaged.
4. There are two folders with all registration information.
5. All uniforms are packed and labeled and transferred together.
6. All make-up kits are packed.
7. All parents have several ways to get them to keep them up to date with the schedules.
8. Room reservations (if needed ) are paid in advance and confirmation is in hand.
9. Departure time allows for delays, hair and make-up difficulties, and possibly a few run-throughs prior to the competition.
10. Participant waiver forms are in hand with insurance information. Many times these are shipped in sooner with the registration.

Some helpful hints for the multi-tasking coach:

3. Artist brushes work really well when applying eye make-up. The longer handles allow you to work without being right in the woman’s face.
4. Use hairpieces if the group can afford it. They are so much easier than trying to do hair for every competition.
5. Make-up is obviously the same for the women. Same colors and”designs” on the face or eyes.
6. Bring extra hair pins, additional hair ties, and extra safety pins!
7. Don’t become emotional in front of the squad prior to the contest. Do not freak out when someone drops a stunt at the practice time. Don’t begin crying or laughing hysterically (whichever may be your coping). Wait till they are off the competition floor. They’ll fell bad enough when it happens.
8. If you can afford it or the parents would like to help, have a little present for the kids when they’re done. Even if it’s only a keychain or a stuffed animal to help them commemorate their accomplishment of competing, it is going to mean a lot to them.

The more you are prepared, the stress you’re going to feel.

Yummy smores

Yummy smores

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Creative recipes that make for a delis summer gathering; Sometimes the perfect gathering is something simple, right at home. Ditch the fancy wines and dinner-party stress by unwinding for a fire pit collecting in your own backyard!

No get-together around the flame is complete without the beloved S’mores. Where S’mores got their source is still a puzzle, but Americans were enjoying them fireside since the 1920’s, once the recipe first appeared in The Girl Scout handbook in an article titled”Tramping and Trailing with The Girl Scouts.” Word spread like wild fire and now they are a campfire staple. The S’mores in its first recipe is delicious, but only by substituting simple entities of it; we could make our own fire simmered masterpiece! Gather your friends, light the fire pit, and circle up your Adirondack chairs; browse below for a listing of S’mores recipes to wow your guests!

Banana Turtle S’mores: Graham cracker, favorite turtle candy, marshmallow, banana pieces (add a drizzle of caramel sauce before topping with final cracker)

Chocolate Raspberry S’mores: Graham cracker, Bat Pooproasted marshmallow, dark chocolate candies, fresh raspberries

Nutty S’mores: Nutter Butter cracker (separate and abandon filling on one cracker) peanut butter cup, roasted marshmallow

Savory S’mores: Graham Cracker, spread one face of cracker with goat cheese and the other with fig jam, 1 leaf of arugula and roasted marshmallow

Can’t decide on just one of these recipes? Consider creating a S’mores bar for your gathering. Any family get together is the perfect time to break out the S’mores. Children of all ages, young and old enjoy making them and especially eating them. There is nothing better! Spring, summer or fall, it really does not matter the season. It’s always the ideal time of the year and really good treat for all. You should see my grandkids eyes light up when they see me pull out the all the goodies for a night around the fire pit. It simply makes their evening filled with fun. Don’t have everything you need for the perfect night of fire gazing?


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