A Stroll Through MMA

A Stroll Through MMA

There have been umpteen posts and positions on the history of this game, you know, because nobody heard of MMA prior to the UFC.

Let us just forget that Pancrase held their series before the Gracie’s did.

Let us remember, while the UFC is the large dog sitting on the porch, there were times when they were being outdrawn by numerous promotions, the only reason they became the big dog would be the Fertitta Brothers had many Million to burn before needing to worry about profit. I wonder if Pride hadn’t been run like the California State Government if the UFC would be as large as it was. Goodness knows MMA has ever been able to pull out money marks outside the woodwork.

That being said, I believe we can return and break down how MMA has evolved.

So let us take a look at Squirrel Removal what I will call Generational MMA. As the game has evolved, you can categorize nearly all fighters to 4 eras. I have also got a Negative A- who’d be the first of this creation to breakthrough, and side B, who would be regarded as the last of the generation.

First Generation:

A 1st generation fighter is one which comes to the struggle with one of two backgrounds- either he is a backyard fighter with a chin of iron who’s simply going to out hard and outside pain you- or is super proficient at one part of MMA, and his ability is far better than your skill.

Side A would be those such as Tank Abbott- and the countless men of his ilk.

Side B are the Gracie Family,

Look at these two men’s striking in the morning- that’s the definition of a G1 fighter. My Karate will KO you, if you don’t take me down and then I am done for. However, if I catch you…

G1 Dinosaur.

Matt Hughes.

Why do I think about him a G1? If he went out and fought now, he is searching for a takedown or becoming sprawled. He is a submission wrestler, who simply outworked everyone. Would he work now? Not really. He spent the majority of his post-GSP career trying to have a knockout and got blitzed.

Generation 2

Generation 2 is the fighter which began in 1 discipline, and Moved to be a specialist at another, or merely mixing the two styles.

You watch Belfort, he is not only a striker, he is almost complete. You look at Randy, and he develops into more than only a wrestler. I think you can even place Tito into this class. He is a wrestler, who works on great hands. This creation is much more the training. In G1 you train primarily at one thing, then see if your ability can beat their ability. G2, we’ve improved marginally, you spend MWF in the wrestling gym, then Tuesday and Saturday you travelled across town and boxed.

Generation 3

2006 to 2012

This is where the line gets somewhat more difficult to draw, these are the fighters in which they’ve always fought under the Unified rules, just about all their fights will be on Sherdog’s fight finder, The major distinction is that the fighters are trained in MMA, not only wrestling, or Karate or Ju-Ju. . When you ride from the school, it is not Joe’s Wag-Fu School with a banner out front that says we instruct UFC.

It is Jackson’s MMA or Xtreme Coutire or something to that effect, you do not do one area only, or be worried about Gi Training, its fighting, all day every day. You experience an explosion of cash, of promotions, or caliber of fighters, you’ve got men that could be in the NFL or NBA trying MMA, and a few even going into fighting. You leave the wrestling for a draw and the fighter is a draw. The gimmicks went away mostly, and matters became standardized. Mostly. In addition, we have Women’s MMA, and people getting title fights and headline struggles because of drawing power.

Generation 3 fighters are similar to Jon Jones, or Rory McDonald.

Generation 4

2013 -?

This is the present day, we’ve got one top dog, so we have the NBA of MMA, the UFC- and we’ve got the top Euro Leagues in which their top men could compete in Bellator and WSOF. There could be some guys that could beat the UFC title holder, but there is not a marketing out there in which their top 5 could win a series from the UFC top 5.

In addition, we have a time where there’s money in the company. Not only for the UFC, but you can not fight in the UFC and earn a living in Bellator, or perhaps in certain smaller promotions, perhaps not a good living, but you’ve got trainers that don’t have to deliver pizzas to make ends meet.

The game is also in papers, every sports station, every state, and everybody pretty much agrees on the principles. You don’t need to learn a single set of principles in Vegas and another in Sweden.

Well, I can not find a Union forming, just not likely to happen. I can see a genuine challenger to the UFC forming, possibly after Dana retires and WME-IMG places a lawsuit at the workplace. I’m not certain what gravitational shift will occur that could form a G5. Maybe if a person dies and they swing the security line in another way. Perhaps if the UFC must mandate Head Gear and prohibit low licks that will make a G5 happen.

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