Myths about Rodents

Rodents Have been a pest management problem for as long as people have lived in homes. They are drawn to the food resources human beings supply and can contaminate a household’s food supply with numerous ailments.

Through the Years, many myths have grown about Pest management for rats and mice. However, it’s essential in order to differential between reality and fiction so as to correctly apply rodent pest management procedures. Because of this, below are a few of the very common rodent myths — and the facts behind them.

Caution: The only pest management you require for rodents is a kitty. Rat, Young Animals, Playful, Sweet, Cute

Truth: While dogs and cats do chase and even sometimes kill rats and rats, many rodents may easily escape them by visiting small areas where the bigger creature can’t match. By travel in air duct systems or concealing in crawl spaces, rats and mice may continue to infest a house, regardless of your pet’s greatest attempts. In some instances, a pet may even bring in rodents to your dwelling.

Myth: Great sanitation can keep rodents away from your dwelling.

Truth: Since mice can survive in tiny spaces with restricted access to shelter and food, superior sanitation will not necessarily remove them. It will, however, make it hard for rodents to flourish in massive numbers. When practiced together with baits or traps, fantastic sanitation reduces the quantity of shelter and food available to present mice and will help improve the efficacy of frequent pest control or pest prevention steps.

Myth: Cheese creates the very best rodent bait.


Myth: The worst thing a rodent can perform in your house is chew.

Truth: Many homeowners revolve around the property damage rats and rodents may cause, but this isn’t the most persuasive reason to get rid of a rodent infestation.

Truth: Rodent bait isn’t typically regarded as successful as trapping and rodent-proofing a house. Most rodent infestations can be taken care of by removing all openings through which rats and mice can enter the house and by applying traps to take care of the remaining inhabitants. Baits may be used to supplement those methods, but people that want to know more about green pest management ought to bear in mind that rodent baits are toxins.

Myth: You are able to remove rodents by producing your own lure.

Truth: Always follow the directions precisely.

Because numerous fallacies exist round Rodent pest management, it is very important to do your homework and consult with Henderson Animal Control.

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